The KUBE 24 Hour Charity Broadcast is a KUBE tradition which started somewhere in the mid-naughties, and has continued ever since. At the end of May of every year when the exam season has concluded, the station embarks on its annual challenge of raising as much money as possible for its chosen charity, as part of the union’s RAG (Raising and Giving) week. Two willing and naive presenters are dared to stay awake for a full twenty-four hours and present a high quality marathon live on air, with a dedicated team of support from other members of the society.

Year after year, the KUBE 24 Hour Charity Broadcast (which has recently been renamed simply to KUBE24) is successful in achieving its goal of raising considerable funds for very important charities.

   2012 – KUBE24 with Meg and Dodge

Twenty twelve saw presenting duo Megan Jones and Lauren Dodgeson (aka Meg and Dodge) take up the reigns of what was to be our most successful twenty-four hour broadcast so far!

The broadcast featured a wide range of events, with the most notable being:

  • The KUBE24 Challenge (One in the day, one at night)
  • The Keele Boat Race (see this video here)
  • An exclusive interview with Tim Westwood
  • Blag Hour: Vinesh and D-won trying to order as much food for free as possible
  • Who’s more Keele (featuring John Easom, Keele’s Alumni Officer)
  • Keele A-Z: an hour of music from a selection of artists who have played LIVE at Keele SU
  • Blind Date with Megan Garvey
  • and much, much more!