Paul Mitchell – Past Programme Controller

“KUBE Radio was without a doubt the best thing about my time in Keele.
It was the first society that I read up about and the only society I joined when I was a fresher.
Even though I wasn’t confident enough to go for a show in my first semester, an opening appeared on committee in my first month and I jumped at the chance. I was part of the KUBE committee one way or another throughout my three years at Keele reaching the ranks of Programme Controller in my final year.
In my time at KUBE, whilst completely ignoring my degree, we completely redesigned and refurbished the studio (which was officially opened by Zane Lowe!), pushed and argued for a mandate to have KUBE broadcast in the union, produced more diverse and professional shows, and completely overhauling the website, leaving a strong foundation for KUBE’s future.
The highlight of KUBE definitely has to be the 24 hour broadcast. I’ve been lucky enough to be part of four 24 hour broadcasts raising between £3000-4000 for charity. Not bad for a small student radio station!
I will always miss KUBE, it gave me the best memories of Keele, gave me the confidence boost I needed, and introduced me to fantastic people, which without KUBE I would never of met.

Vinnie Moomin – Best Male Presenter (2011-2012)

“I didn’t officially join KUBE until I started my MA in September 2011.

Prior to my joining I had appeared as a guest on the Meg & Dodge show and managed to get dragged into the 24 hour broadcast in June 2011 as a contestant on “Never Mind the KUBEcocks” (a shameless copy of Never Mind the Buzzcocks).

During my time at Keele I was known for my more than generous use of certain words in the English language and my eloquent use of “colourful” imagery, coupled with my sometimes lacking brain-mouth filter, you would expect that I hosted a post-watershed show. However, my regular slot was once a week at 11-12 in the morning (I would sneak out of my Theory of Global Security seminar early).

The highlights? Too many to list. A young male fresher being beaten in a pint race by the my female Union Entertainments Officer successor, the many K2 KUBE nights, the KUBE 24 Hour Broadcast and the KUBE 24 Challenges (which involved me wearing a Queen Elizabeth II mask and being rugby tackled), having to apologise numerous times for dropping the F-Bomb or engaging in risqué conversation with guests, winning Best Male Presenter of the Year (complete with a really small plastic trophy), or the penis microphone.

One thing I do regret is not getting involved with KUBE when I was a fresher. I’m thankful I did join in the end though. I had a rather splendid time and made some very good friends.

Andy Samu – Past Presenter

“I was in the radio drama series called Q Block as Mark – we aired every weekday and it was a pretty good series. I did it for 2 years, and some other bits and pieces as well. I would have been involved in 95 and 96, possibly a bit of 97 as well.”

Mick Cooper – Past Station Manager

“Prior to 02/03, all KUBE broadcasts were done on either 1 or 2 four week FM broadcasts. Internet radio was either too expensive, or simply put – didn’t exist. Carolyn Babb was responsible for setting up KUBE being broadcast online for the first time through Hallsnet. I then ran this for the first time – although we did still do a 4 week FM Licence (as it wasn’t actually brought in until the end of that year) and then the full ‘internet’ license was gained under Jo Coombes.”

“I met my girlfriend at KUBE who did the show after me. We’re still together now and she currently reads the news on Signal Radio in Stoke! – having got her first start doing the KUBE News Show!”

Maggie Finlayon – Past Technical Manager

“I had the title of technical manager but the studio was a complete mess and jumble of wires and equipment that didn’t work sometimes, which Leigh Preece from the university’s media and communications department used to come and help us sort out for the FM broadcasts. I also have pictures somewhere when the studio was a blue colour with very cheap paint, tried to wash them before painting it white and red and the blue paint came off on the clothes.”

Rich Fegan – Past Station Manager

“I was Station Manager for KUBE for two years between September 2000 – June 2002, back when we only broadcasted for 8 weeks a year on an FM Restricted Service Licence. We did up the studio to its previous incarnation (before the new renovations) in 2001. It was in 2002 that we made contact with the Computer Society and ran our first trials for online broadcasting over HallsNet. It was however, a couple more years I believe before the station when online properly.”

Carolyn Babb – Past Station Manager

“I was station manager of KUBE in 2002-03. It was my team that were responsible for first installing the basic intranet broadcast so I was really chuffed to hear that they won an award for internet broadcast in New York not too long ago.”

Matt Bowling – Past Station Manager

“I joined KUBE as a first year student back in 2005 a little unsure of what the whole thing involved. Completely unaware the University had a radio station until the Freshers’ Fair, I was keen to get involved in what seemed to be such a unique and exciting excuse to spend less time on studying!

My involvement in KUBE quickly grew from jointly hosting my show ‘2 Blokes and A Bird’ as a four hours a week hobby to an everyday part of my week. My show built up its own website and day-by-day my interest in the society grew.

I volunteered to jointly take on the role of Head of Music with another member in my second year. I was enrolled in the study abroad programme for the first half of my second year but missed the broadcasting immensely. Upon my return I jumped back into the role and loved every second of it – so much so that I decided to run for President for my time as a third year student. The job involves a lot of responsibility and hard work but I get so much enjoyment from the position.

KUBE has provided me with fantastic opportunities and is the greatest asset this University as an extra-curricular activity. I have travelled across Europe, America and the UK with KUBE and met countless artists and attended numerous gigs. It is without a doubt, brilliant.”

Andy Davis – Past Presenter

I was an active member of KUBE between 1998-2000. I started off by voicing adverts and then progressed to having my own mid-morning show ‘The Music Explosion’ whenever we had an FM licence. My good friends James Cooper and Gez Oleksik were also part of the team on that show. I returned the favour by helping James with his much more serious Sunday afternoon show ‘Cooper’s Eclectric Selection’. James soon banned me from putting vinyl on the decks because I came close to scratching a couple of his beloved records more than once.

I became firm friends with KUBE legend Ben Harrington and in our final month at Keele we co-hosted ‘The Wet Dream Team’. I was very much the side-kick and straightman to Ben’s anarchic brand of comedy, most of which was borderline broadcastable on a weekday lunchtime but Ben’s stupid accents meant that we got away with it.

I ‘worked’ with a number of very talented people – Daryl Easlea, Geoff Jein, Laurence Mann and Melissa Barham to add a few more names to the ones mentioned above. The KUBE studio in our day was a slum at the back of the Union – you could never quite be sure that a CD would play when required and the small studio window had bars across it. Gez’s weather reports were never very accurate as a result.

KUBE provded me with some of my best Keele memories and indeed Keele friends.

Simon Pryde – Past Presenter

I have fond memories of KUBE. It relaunched in 1995, and mself and a mate, Zak Edwards, got involved, and produced and presented a sports show on Saturday mornings. I spent much more time on this than I did on revising for my finals, writing up my dissertation, etc.

We had features such as Fantasy Fishing, Mch the Miner’s Mad One Minute Slot, Phoenix My Pint, Pass Shoot Goa, and lots more nonsense! In interviewed the late Sir Stanley Matthews for the show – that was my first piece of sports journalism!

I’ve worked at a few radio stations since leaving Keele and I’m currently at the BBC in Newcastle, where I present out Saturday sports show, and occasionally other shows too. I went to cover the Olympics in Beijing in the summer… and it all started at KUBE!

Alan Clifford

One of KUBE’s unofficial predecessors, Thorns Radio 94.2 FM, was, I think, a year old when I arrived in 1979. It continued for a couple of years after I left in 1983 becoming Subway Sound by the end.

Due to its unofficial status I think all I can say now is that alumni of Thorns Radio may or may not include someone who rose to become managing editor BBC Radio Suffolk, someone who is still involved in ‘external monitoring’ for the BBC, someone who is a producer at BBC 5 Live, and someone who is the drivetime presenter for BBC Radio Nottingham.

It is great to see KUBE going from strength to strength – well done to all involved past and present. I remember the endless to-ing and fro-ing in the debates to get an official station in the early 1980s – we eventually gave up as it seemed like an idea never destined to succeed.

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