Adam Wedd – Ark

Adam Wedd – Ark

I found Adam Wedd fitted right into the type of music I enjoy. Music that has a bit of an indie mood to it, and is relaxing. He comes from South London and is still fairly undiscovered, which makes this song a sort of gem.

Ark is very unique compared to current chart music and has a beautiful sound to it. It is unpredictable throughout the whole song but is very enjoyable; Ark gives off a calming, soft feeling that makes you feel very floaty and relaxed – almost like a lullaby.

He has a soft, but raspy voice that has a stunning flexibility to it and hits notes in ways you wouldn’t expect. Ark has a simple feel to it, which makes it that much more stunning as you can hear what is going on and actually have time to appreciate the different instruments used in the composition.

Ark is a great song to listen to if you want to unwind from a long day, and enjoy a soft voice that will calm you down. It has the edge to make you calm down just enough, but not too much and is also a great introduction to Adam Wedd if you have never heard of him before.


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