Remembering Alan Rickman – Alan Rickman Dies at 69

Remembering Alan Rickman – Alan Rickman Dies at 69

Words by Leif Radford. 

Beloved British Actor Alan Rickman Dies, Aged 69.

In the wake of the loss of one of the music industries most iconic performers, David Bowie, the world has suffered another tragic loss to the entertainment industry. It is reported this morning that Alan Rickman, a beloved British actor for the past 30 years, passed away in London, aged 69. Rickman is said to have died after a long battle with cancer “surrounded by family and friends”. He leaves behind childhood sweetheart and wife of over 50 years, Rima Horton.

Alan Rickman as Severus Snape

Alan Rickman as Severus Snape

The beloved actor, known for his spectacular roles in Die Hard, Love Actually and of course, Harry Potter, became as of much an enigma as Bowie. In his work, Rickman’s on-screen presence was formidable, but it was his unusual voice that became his trademark, producing some truly unforgettable lines. (“Potter…” still strikes fear in to my heart to this day!) In a long, fruitful career he delighted audiences on film, television and stage, demonstrating the durability and skill he possessed as an actor.

Rickman was able to turn his hand to a variety of roles, with continued success and adoration from his fans. However it was his role as villain turned saviour, Professor Snape, in the 8 Harry Potter films that immortalised him in the acting hall of fame. For 10 long years Rickman was able to bring the character from J. K Rowling’s books to life better than anyone could ever have hoped. Just as we mourned the death of that character, we mourn the death of the man seemingly born to play the role.

Throughout his life the actor also maintained strong political views. He was a “card-carrying member of the Labour party” since birth, he jested. Rickman also became an advocate for factual accuracy within the filmic world. The actor held the belief that art should aim to educate as well as entertain, a view that was brought about in response to the Hollywood-ization of historic events.

Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman has passed away aged 69

Fans across the globe are expected to mourn the actors passing today, with impromptu memorial services already being organized. Yet it seems important to remember to celebrate the life of such a spectacular entertainer and the joy he brought throughout his career. In the words of the man himself, “If people want to know I am, it is all in the work.” So dig out the The Philosepher’s Stone, get cosy on the sofa with Love Actually, and in doing so pay respect to the actor, his work and the enduring legacy he leaves behind in the hearts of his fans. We will miss you Alan, “Always.”



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