Bastille – Oblivion and Bad News

Bastille – Oblivion and Bad News

You’ve quite probably heard Bastille’s Oblivion before. The final single to be taken from the band’s debut album Bad Blood is the band’s slowest and most spiritual track to date, placing most emphasis on the vocal and lyrical talents.

Instrumentally Bastille have gone pretty minimalistic with Oblivion using a pretty piano part along side atmospheric violins. The primary focus of the single is clearly the ghostly vocals and lyrics, with lines such as “are you going to age with grace” resonating with the listener.

Fittingly the tone of the song is pretty sleepy and subdued; it’s a fond farewell to the album that helped them become one of the most well known bands in modern music and a final look at the orchestral tone they took with it. The b side, Bad News, shows the Londoners moving in a more angsty direction, taking the beauty of their Bad Blood days and spinning them into a new dimension. It’s heavy on the synths and beats, sounding unfamiliar until Dan Smith’s vocals kick in – but even then he’s taken on a more urban vibe. There’s a new side to Bastille being shown here and I need to hear a bit more before I decide what to make of it!

Oblivion is not strictly a new song but it still strikes a chord with me just as it did upon the album’s release and the video (feature Game of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner) makes for interesting viewing. From the brief glimpse of what’s to come it may be almost the end of an era for Bastille but sure one we can look back on fondly.



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