Bastille – Torn Apart Feat. GRADES & Lizzo

Bastille – Torn Apart Feat. GRADES & Lizzo

Though they’re a bit of a love/hate sort of band it’s difficult to deny that Bastille have made a very big impact on the modern music scene, with a follow up to debut album Bad Blood highly anticipated.

Torn Apart, featuring GRADES & Lizzo, takes on a slightly more dance vibe to it than previous singles, though not to the extent that it will alienate fans. I think instead Bastille have taken a necessary step in terms of advancing themselves musically… no one likes it when a band produce the same sound over and over again and I reckon Torn Apart is subtle enough about it that it shows growth rather than outright experimentation. Dan Smith’s vocals are instantly recognisable with his clear voice giving fans an anchor until they come around to the slightly more upbeat version of their favourite musicians; though not exactly a heavy club track GRADES & Lizzo’s influence sees a constant beat come into play alongside other tastes of the genre.

Torn Apart is both an effort to break into a new genre and to try something a little new. It’s nice to hear a ‘mainstream’ band trying new formulas between their first and second albums and I can’t imagine anyone will be disappointed.

– Megan

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