Bates Motel Season 4 Recap *Spoilers*

Bates Motel Season 4 Recap *Spoilers*

Yesterday the fantastic Bates Motel returned to Netflix with its fourth season, and I’ve got to say it was so brilliant that I finished it in a day! Norman is back with even more mommy issues and you can’t help but love it!


I’m going to start with the ending because holy hell! I know it hit me. Norman finally went entirely crazy and offed his mom. It was cute for a moment seeing him lie in bed with Norma all cute and sleepy until the Sheriff(who Norma married, but we’ll get back to that), came and found that it was gas that had made Norma so sleepy and so…dead. Of course Norman lives because he’s still got a Psycho franchise to live for. Let’s just step back for a moment and remind ourselves that Norman spends an UNREAL amount of time in bed with his mother. There must have been at least 5 moments during this season that I was just afraid they were about to start making out. I mean Norma starts kissing Norman to get the gun out of his hand but its just way to sensual for a mother-son relationship.

Anyhow, yeah Norma’s dead, but she managed to squeeze in a marriage to town hottie ‘Sheriff Romero’. Although her proposal was just to get insurance to get Norman some real treatment(bearing in mind he didn’t have a doctor this whole time while he’s been murdering people), Romero is hot and Norma bagged a beautiful man there(again he’s killed people too but I guess it’s okay because he’s a sheriff or something?). Norman got ridiculously jealous of his mom being married, probably because he knew it would mean no more sleepovers with dear old mom, and made her end her relationship with the hot Sheriff. He was so keen to keep her to himself that he decided death was the way to go…questionable right?

In other news, Norman went to a facility for a while and got some help, although he was throwing up his pills, so was he really getting help? His psychiatrist met his second persona which was finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for. As he says, she is, ‘charming’, even though his manifested secondary persona is his mother, Norma. I have to say though getting into Norman Bates and how he became the infamous ‘Psycho’ figure is incredible to see in Bates Motel and it is so fantastically written, it is well worth a watch.

If you ignored the spoilers and read this, then hopefully you’re more inclined to head to Netflix right now because honestly if you’re into getting deep into the manifestation of multiple personality disorders and the manifestation of the murderer, this is the best insight you could get.

If you haven’t guessed, this is a prequel to Psycho and successfully fills in the blanks and the depiction of Norman and Norma coming together, period. You’re welcome.

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