Ben Owen – Dirty Little Secret

Ben Owen – Dirty Little Secret

Ben Owen is an artist based in Stone and our very own Stoke-On-Trent, climbing his way up the British music scene. His image is quite different, but hey, all musicians have their own style and his hair has gained quite a bit of popularity… it’s wild and funky, just like his song Dirty Little Secret.

With the EP for Dirty Little Secret having just been release recently, his solo career soon going into it’s third year is doing quite well. He has a large number of dedicated followers on different forums of social media and is starting to become popular quite quickly.

Dirty Little Secret, is like I said before, a quirky, funky and catchy song. With a smooth combination of the right instruments, being played at exactly the right time, he has managed to create a song that has a great beat, and it’s own personality. It is quite different from what the music industry in the UK is dealing out at the moment, but that is what makes the song so enjoyable.

Having played at The Sugarmill, Ben Owen is definitely an artist worth keeping an eye out for in the local area. We’re not always blessed with great artists who perform locally so he’s definitely someone to make the most of!


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