Best of Keele Dogs – Part 2

Best of Keele Dogs – Part 2

Back by popular demand, here is part 2 of your beautiful doggos! You can find part 1 here.


Gentle friendo! This is Suki, a 5 year-old American Akita who says ‘A-WOO’ to welcome you and her tail looks like a curly Danish bun.

Owner: Ellie Hunt


Happy pupper! This is Mango, she ran the Movember 5k recently and likes to destory cushions.

Owner: Sophia Hayat Taha

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This is the famous Yuma! She is a 2 year-old Labrador cross retriever whose name comes from an American tribe.

Owner: Samara Hussain


This is Madog, a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Jack Russell. He is named after the Welsh Prince who discovered America (yes it’s true it’s on the BBC website). Madog’s back legs are longer than his front ones which means he can jump a metre high even though he’s really short.

Owner: Tom Campbell


Look at those eyes! This is Tempeh (Tem-pay) a 3 year-old Terrier Mongrel who was rescued from the streets of Romania by a shelter.

Owner: Zoe Anderson


This is Bonny, a 13 year-old Golden Retriever who can perfectly balance a Coke can on her head. Clever girl!

Owner: Rhys Garner


This is Baloo, a 7 year-old black Labrador. He’s a real cutie, but does get scared of the floor sometimes!

Owner: Ed Pasfield


This is Beanie, a 10 year-old rescue dog who was named because he is full of beans!

Owner: Kim Nordhausen-Smolarz


Groooovy pupper! This is Luna, a 3 year-old Husky cross Malamute who is hte laziest husky in existence.

Owner: Jack Jones


This is Sam, a 2 year-old Springer Spaniel cross Ladrador. His nickname at home is Wriggle because he never stops moving or wagging his tail!

Owner: Emz Bryan


Bagel and Alfie are two beautiful golden Labradors. Bagel is 12 and Alfie is 9 months. Bagel is a good boy who thinks horses are also dogs and Alfie is an asshole who likes eating cook books.

Owner: Jasper Elwes


This is Tess, an 11 year-old Westie Terrier. Tess tries to protect the family from guns when they appear on the TV by barking at the bad guys. What a hero!

Owner: Ele Fisher

Thanks for reading everyone! Keep an eye out for part 3 soon. 


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