Big Bang ‘Made’

Big Bang ‘Made’

BIG BANG: the K-pop juggernaut quintet that never fails to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with in the competitive K-pop music industry.

Line up:

  • T.O.P – vocals
  • Taeyang – vocals
  • G-Dragon – vocals
  • Daesung – vocals
  • Seungri – vocals


  1. Fxxk It
  2. Last DanceBIGBANG_-_MADE
  3. Girlfriend
  4. Let’s Not Fall In Love
  5. Loser
  6. Bae Bae
  7. Bang Bang Bang
  8. Sober
  9. If You
  10. Zutter (GD&T.O.P.)
  11. We Like 2 Party

The group’s full-length album, “MADE”, features three new tracks and a compilation of songs previously released in the M, A, D and E mini-albums. The first new single, titled “FXXK IT” is an upbeat electro-hip-hop song with carefree, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, where Taeyang croons “I don’t wanna go too fast…” in the all-English intro. The beat bounces and bops hand in hand with G-Dragon’s signature evocative rapping style in the first verse, and then it flows effortlessly into Taeyang’s vocals in the pre-chorus. The chorus itself is such an earworm, with the boys chanting “era moreugetda”(“fxxk it!”) with a boom-clap beat chiming in the background. T.O.P’s rapping in the second verse is husky and powerful, adding to the vocal colour of the overall song. Daesung’s pre-chorus lets his smooth, warm voice become the centre of attention. Seungri’s bridge is fitting of the playful maknae (youngest member) of the group, with his honey voice rather persuasively singing “you & me, gachi chareul tago ride” – meaning, “let’s get in the car and ride.”

The twin single “Last Dance” is the emotional killer on the record where every member sings to the fans with a heavy heart, as the group will soon embark on a hiatus due to the band members’ inevitable enlistment in the mandatory two-year military service in South Korea. “Last Dance” is a melancholy ballad with emotive lyrics and a soft melody, gently bringing the tempo down from “FXXK IT”. “I will sing this song, and I will return to you,” sings Daesung, as the group promises their fanbase – affectionately called “VIPs” – that they will be back. The album’s B-side is the sparkling “GIRLFRIEND”: a sweet, slow-paced pop-ballad that flows smoothly after “Last Dance”. Their maturity seeps through the lyrics, with G-Dragon singing proudly that the girl in the song “ain’t no side chick mistress girlfriend.” An ode to their real life loves or their fans? That is for you to interpret.

The group’s older releases on the album such as “BANG BANG BANG” and “SOBER” are given the spotlight yet again and we are reminded why BIGBANG appeals to the international audience just as much as the domestic Korean audience. “BANG BANG BANG” is a straight up banger (pun intended) with its deep beats and its hip hop flare; “SOBER” and “WE LIKE 2 PARTY” are songs you can play as you drive around in your car with your friends. And then you have “ZUTTER”, which is a trap-hip-hop rap track powered by T.O.P and G-Dragon’s unique spitting styles.

Overall, BIGBANG’s long-awaited full-length is one of high-quality production. If you haven’t had a taste of the whimsical world of K-pop yet, BIGBANG is a brilliant place to start. You won’t be disappointed; there is enough versatility in this one record to cater to all tastes.



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Author: Raihanna Azwar

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