Bring Me The Horizon ‘Oh No’

Bring Me The Horizon ‘Oh No’

British Media has seemingly had a love-hate relationship with Bring Me The Horizon since their formal introduction to the rock scene in 2004. A cult classic with the release of their first EP, This Is What the Edge of Your Seat was Made for (2004), they rose to number 41 in the UK album charts. It wasn’t until winning the award for Best British Newcomer, during the 2006 Kerrang! Awards, that the Sheffield-based band began to ascend toward the fame they have achieved today.
ono_prod_spec2010 saw huge change in Bring Me The Horizon, with the release of There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret succeeding in placing them on the top of the UK Rock and UK Indie charts. With the introduction of Jordan Fish and the release of Sempiternal in 2013, the traditional metalcore sound fans had come to know notably changed, and their success continued to skyrocket.

Never a band to stray away from controversy, the release of their newest album occurred on 11th September 2015. That’s the Spirit instantly scaled the charts, provided a score by Metacritic of 88/100 – dubbed as possessing “universal acclaim” . And after the great success of their recently concluded UK Tour, featuring two sold-out O2 Arena shows, you cannot fault their obvious talent.

After six prior single releases, in which five hit Number 1 on the UK Rock Charts, their more recent single ‘Oh No’ shows their greatest move away from their metalcore past; thoroughly embracing their new melodically synthesised sound. Undoubtedly to become one of their most popular anthems, ‘Oh No’ brilliantly shows off Oliver Syke’s vocalist talent. A perfect combination of their heavier roots with the calmer, melodic beats featured throughout That’s the Spirit, this song successfully hooks listeners averse to their previously guttural sound.

With the sonorous trumpet solo, and the choir aiding the impact of its verse, ‘Oh No’ is a song guaranteed to resonate with its listener; the raw emotion poured into this album as a whole is obvious, but within ‘Oh No’ it becomes eerily tangible. Accompanied by the release of their psychedelic music video and the repeated lyric “be careful what you wish for”, it seems foolish to ignore the parallels between their new single and the struggles this band have faced with their soar to fame. Perhaps the song even goes so far as to comment upon the break-down of Syke’s marriage and his ability to overcome consequent emotional decline. It certainly leaves its audience with a sense of cathartic resolution.

With their growing success and the upcoming release of their Royal Albert Hall performance in December of 2016, the pure musical skill of Bring Me The Horizon is epitomised in their newest single release. A must-listen, this track is guaranteed to dazzle its audience. The future of this ever-impressing band has never looked brighter.



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Author: Ellie Fielding-Redpath

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