Cabbage: Arms of Pleonexia – Review

Cabbage: Arms of Pleonexia – Review

Roll up! Roll up! Cabbage have just announced the date for their debut album. ‘Nihilistic Glamour Shots’ will be released on 30th March 2018. If you haven’t come across Cabbage before, they have a unique sound which spans political truth, catchy late 70s punk rock and poetry. Cabbage are everything at 21st century Mancunian band should be.

‘Arms of Pleonexia’ is catchy and thought-provoking for new fans and a triumphant return to form for members of the Cabij community.  ‘Arms of Pleonexia’ is a scathing response to the greed and wealth associated with a hyper-globalised society.  ‘How long until we take responsibility?’ indeed. Unlike most other up and coming indie bands, Cabbage do not shy away from political commentary. As a result, ‘Arms of Pleonexia’ is probably the most exciting single of 2018 and if their debut album is remotely similar we’re in for a treat.

Make sure you catch Cabbage in Stoke when they return to The Sugarmill on Friday 2nd February –


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