Coco Rope for Sale – The Tensile Strength as Strong as Nylon Rope

coco rope for sale

Coco rope for sale – Coco rope commonly known as Coconut Coir Rope is a rope from coconut coir fiber that is strung together and held together to form a tight rope. The reuse of coconut coir side product makes a rope through several processes. It is in an effort to increase the economic value of processed coconut products.

The coco fiber for making coco rope is made from coconut coir which is processed in such away. Coconut coir is processed by a machine to separate coir fibers and the coconut coir powder which is called a cocopeat. The process of coir fiber is twisting it manually or by using a coir spinning machine.

Coir rope is the basic material for making various handicrafts from coconut fiber-based, such as coir rope for crafts, coir rope for ship equipment rope, coir rope for coir net, and so on. It can be said that coconut coir rope is useful equipment for daily needs. The coir rope has several winding variations. It is often referred to as ply. Generally, coconut ropes use 2 plies of coconut coir rope.

The Uses of Coco Rope

coco rope for sale
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1. Coir Rope is Used Material for Making The Coir Nets
Coconut Coir Net is a natural solution to prevent erosion/degradation of soil quality on a large scale. Its acceptance has been recognized by all users over the world. As a natural product, the coir net product is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The research of coir net has shown that its use is better material and much preferred than jute or other natural materials. It refers to the durability factor, strength, and the surface of the rough which allows vegetation to grow easily. It can make the plant root bond from the soil become very strong. Coir net is ideal for applications on hillsides, roads, and rail embankments.

2. A material for making bags and accessories use coco rope
Coconut fiber is to be used as a coconut coir rope as a material for making beautiful bags. Various kinds of coconut coir rope processing can produce beautiful bags, such as school bags, back-pack, fashionable small-size bags, and shopping bags. If you want to make the appearance of your bag more varied you can also add supporting accessories to decorate it.  You can use clothing paint for the color variations.

3. As a material for making furniture or furniture
The use of coconut coir rope for home furnishings is indeed worth a try. Indeed, not everyone can make a table or chair out of rope from coconut fiber, but you can also learn to make it. Furniture made of coconut coir rope will definitely look unique and attractive, do you want to try it?

4. As a craft material for household needs
Have you ever seen household appliances made of coconut coir rope? Usually, we often find it in various types of online stores. For details, there are various types of examples of products made from processed coconut coir, such as floor mats, tablecloths, and many more. This coconut coir craft business opportunity can bring very good results, especially now that you can sell through social media such as Facebook and Instagram. So no need to have your own shop, you can also do it from home.

5. As a room decoration material | Coco Rope for Sale
You can beautify the room by using coconut coir rope as a beautiful decoration material. By adding a touch of coconut rope for the background or wall decoration of your home to make it more attractive. You can put coir ropes on night lights and headlights. This is a creative idea, isn’t it? Using coconut fiber rope as a room design is a different skill for everyone. Develop your own dream room concept!

6. As a Planting Media (vines to support plants)
Coconut coir rope can be used as a propagation media for ornamental plants. Commonly, it is called turus (Indonesian Term) or turret. This media can be used on ornamental plants such as Adanson’s Monstera and all types of philodendron. By using a turret, you can arrange the plants according to your creations or leave them straight up. A vine or turret made of coconut coir is also useful for keeping your soil and plants moist because it retains water.

The use of coconut rope can actually be developed by yourself. You can use coco rope for sale to increase your income by making various equipment and then selling it.

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