Don Broco ‘Everybody’

Don Broco ‘Everybody’

The Bedford-bred boys are back. Seemingly out of nowhere, ‘Everybody’ is Don Broco’s newest single since their ‘Automatic’ Album release in August of 2015. And, with announcing their supporting role in Bring Me The Horizon’s European tour, their refreshing eclectic sound has reached an all-time high. With meatier guitar riffs and powerful bass lines, their recent track encapsulates a seemingly new era for Don Broco; moving away from the tropical-paradise vibe, to something grittier, more forceful. Fitting perfectly alongside the likes of their heavier counterparts, it is a musical change that has succeeded magnificently.

Damiani’s singularly original vocals resonate melodically throughout the track, erupting at the chorus with incredible energy. And the song, itself, holds a similarly impactful message. Considering their change in sound, it is poignant that ‘Everybody’ explores the progression from something everybody recognises to something new and unfamiliar. The repetitive ‘no one’s ever seen me like this’ drills the significance of Don Broco’s new and exciting sound; signing with one of America’s most celebrated independent record labels, SharpTone Records, it seems this fresh start is only the beginning for the band.

Don Broco consistently deliver entertaining, memorable music and ‘Everybody’ is, without doubt, their best track to date. With a releasing single this impressive, the future bodes bright for the energetic foursome.



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Author: Ellie Fielding-Redpath

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