Slightly disappointing turn of events here. We wanted more people to get angry about something which was easily fixed, oh well. DRAMA LEVEL: 50


AU releases statement to make everyone calm their shit. No one is losing their job.
They said: “To all those who were unsuccessful or successful in the purchase of an AU Presentation Ball ticket this morning:
The system that KeeleSU uses for ticket sales suffered technical difficulties that resulted in tickets being released before the scheduled time of 09:00am. As a result, tickets were sold out before the scheduled release time.

We, as an AU committee are aware of this and consequently, in order to provide a fair and equal opportunity to all AU members, we have decided to recall and refund tickets purchased this morning, Wednesday 8th March. Therefore, if your ticket was purchased before Wednesday 8th March (Committee Members), your tickets are safe.

The resale date of the remaining AU Presentation Ball tickets will be released on Tuesday, the 14th March @ 09:00am. We cannot apologise enough for this inconvenience, and that we also express your frustration in the situation. If you have any further queries or questions about the AU Presentation Ball please contact your AU Committee directly via email or Facebook.

Your AU Committee.”


9AM: AU Ball tickets sell out before ‘On Sale’ time of 9AM. Everyone loses their shit. SU is now on fire. DRAMA LEVEL: 140/150

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