Fellowship of the Clubhouse – The KPA’s Tough Mudder Tackle

Fellowship of the Clubhouse – The KPA’s Tough Mudder Tackle

By Rosie Ogden

If you’ve noticed that some of the staff of the Keele Postgraduate Association Clubhouse have been looking rather tired and/ or injured, there is a very good reason. We are currently in training for the Tough Mudder. We have created a team, called the Fellowship of the Clubhouse, and will be competing in this event. It consists of 10 miles of 25 wet and extremely muddy obstacles that are designed to push people to the extreme. An example of one of the more fun obstacles is the mud mile. This consists of ploughing through a mile of waist deep mud and having to climb over huge, slippery mud mounds. Then there’s the Arctic Enema; ducking under wooden blocks whilst swimming through a pool of water filled with ice. This event is being held at Belvoir Castle on the 19th May, so soon our past six months of training will come to an end as we are put to the ultimate test.


So why on earth would we put ourselves these extremes? Well, it’s all in aid for Cancer Research UK. Several of the members of the group have been impacted by the terrible effects of cancer so we decided to give something back to the charity that has done so much for us and everyone else who has been affected by this disease. Cancer Research UK has developed 8 of the top 10 cancer fighting medications, including the development of the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccine which has resulted in a reduction of 90% in cervical cancer cases. They don’t just look at developing new treatments for cancer or ways of preventing it, but also develop new technologies, that can detect cancer sooner and more accurately. For example, a device is being developed that can detect cancer using a simple breath test, which is much less invasive than current ways of detecting cancer, but, naturally all this comes at a cost.

This is why our fellowship are pushing our bodies to the extremes, to help raise the money that makes all this possible. If you wish to donate to this fantastic charity, you can either visit our Just Giving page at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kpa-mudders2019?fbclid=IwAR0exl-7h__QYeaeiYSzQWdD6wNkgo5b64n80y0HtlMivju5LqINsfPMDnk&utm_campaign=pfp-share&utm_content=KPA-mudders2019&utm_medium=fundraisingpage&utm_source=Facebook

Or donate your spare change by dropping it into one of a number of charity boxes that have been placed in different shops around the Keele University Campus.

You can also come to the KPA Clubhouse Campus to fill in a sponsorship form, take part in the finishing time sweepstake (you just need to pay a pound to estimate the finishing time and closest wins a chocolate-based prize) or come to our fundraising party. This is being held on Friday 10th May the Clubhouse. This is part of the Back To School Party, with lots of different events, including fancy dress, so would be a great opportunity to donate to a wonderful cause.

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