George Ezra- Listen To The Man

George Ezra- Listen To The Man

Not really understanding the obsession with George Ezra lately, I listened to this song, Listen to The Man, for the first time feeling quite impressed. I listened to it, hoping that it would convince me that he was, in fact, a talented musician.

George Ezra became quite popular when he first released Budapest towards the middle of this past year and was something different to listen to as he comes across as an artist with a sexy deep voice that is good enough to excite a lot of the ladies . Having a different voice to many artists, he opens up space for different views as to how people may possibly receive his music.

Listen to The Man, for me, was different from Budapest as it was slower and easier to get into it. It has a funky rhythm to it and is quite a quirky song for Ezra. The music video, which stars Ian Mckellan, is also quite sweet and makes the song that much better.


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