Halcyon Hope – Monuments

Halcyon Hope – Monuments

Today we’re finally bringing you something a small touch heavier in the form of Halcyon Hope’s single Monuments, a band on the lighter side of rock with huge vocals and a big amount of power behind their music. With influences such as Jimmy Eat World and Biffy Clyro they definitely have that very ‘likeable’ air to them that welcomes listeners of all genres.

For me, Monuments is very reminiscent of the time I was graduating from my My Chem days to a more mature side of rock. Like I said, there’s a strong Biffy influence here with emotive vocals and some, for lack of a better word, monumental instrumentals beneath. It’s an incredibly composed piece that goes beyond what to expect from a bands first EP and is an extremely promising first glimpse at these Danish rockers.

If you too were huge Biffy, 30 Seconds to Mars and Brand Taking Back Sunday lover then Monuments will make a great nostalgia trip for you. It’s reminded me how much I miss this type of music; now, excuse me whilst I unearth some more beauties like this.

– Megan

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