Hearts Of Black Science ‘Wolves At The Border’ ft. Heike Langhans

Hearts Of Black Science ‘Wolves At The Border’ ft. Heike Langhans

Gothenburg based duo, Hearts of Black Science formed in 2005 and have since released two acclaimed albums: ‘The Ghost You Left Behind’ and ‘The Star In The Lake’ along with several EPs and Singles. The duo’s third album has been a long time coming, having been slated for late 2013, then late 2014 release… it looks likely that we may see the new album sometime in 2015 and if the duo’s latest single ‘Wolves At The Border’ is anything to go by, then we look to be in for a treat.

The duo combine various genres including: Shoegaze, Goth, Indie, Post-Rock & Electronica with a focus on melodies and dark lyrics, enunciated by clear yet almost dreamy vocals – reminiscent of The Smiths’ Steven Morrissey in some places. ‘Wolves At The Border’ sees the duo with a gloomier spin on their sound. The song features the voice behind South African dark electronica artist :Lor3l3i:, Heike Langhans – also the new vocalist of Swedish gothic doom metal band Draconian.

‘Wolves At The Border’ feels like a thick shroud of fog is descending, covering everything in pale mystery. The track creeps on, slowly building through the intro with Heike’s vocals moving softly in and out of the music as the song builds into the first verse. The vocals of Heike and Daniel Änghede seem to almost float around each other, merging into one and finding solidarity with the flow of the melody as it twinkles to life. Although the song is over six minutes long, it feels almost like no time is passing at all.

Hearts Of Black Science are one of the best groups I have had the pleasure of discovering in a long time and I constantly find myself hitting the replay button. Their sound is captivating and mystifying, and I will certainly be investing in their new album when it is due. Hopefully that will be sometime this year – but who knows.


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