Honey G ‘The Honey G Show’

600x600bbI have not, and never will listen to, nor play Honey G in a million years, and I’ll explain why shortly. 

When she was voted of the X Factor, and then stopped trending on social media, myself, and Nathan both breathed a sigh of relief thinking that we had consigned her to the history books (in fact, I think it divided the nation as much as some political events)

However, it appears that even though the X Factor has ended, and the winner has been crowned, it appears as though she was signed up to Syco, allowing her to drop her new single in a year that has proved unpredictable. 

To be honest, though, it was widely reported it would be dropped in time for Christmas, and depending on what chart you take as gospel, it could be Christmas number 1 on Christmas Day. 

So, with a new potential chart topper approaching, I thought it best to check it out, just in case it might save itself and make the KUBE playlist next semester. 

In fact, I’m pleading to the powers that be, DON’T ADD IT!!!!! 

The 2:43 single (aptly titled ‘The Honey G Show’) is not only a borderline on the bizarre, but, it is, for want of a better word tragic. 

The video (which Honey G claimed to be a tribute to Eminem) and name drops Snoop Dogg is set to a electronica soundtrack with flashing backgrounds, dancers etc. In fact, I would go as far to say, it’s nothing more than a potential rip off of the 00’s rap videos that I grew up with. 

To her credit, it is charting at Number 8 on the Vodafone Big Top 40, but there’s rap and there’s rap, and right now, it’s not even that, it’s nothing more than a tribute video to the 00s, which if I wanted to reminisce, I’m sure there’s a good NOW CD I could switch on instead. The track didn’t even get a sniff at the Top 10 and immediately dropped off the chart.




Author: Callum Sayer

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