ALBUM WEEK| Hudson Taylor – Singing For Strangers

ALBUM WEEK| Hudson Taylor – Singing For Strangers

Hudson Taylor’s album Singing For Strangers has been long anticipated with a long string of gigs and several EPs contributing to the incredible build up to their debut. We’re happy to be able to say that the Irish brothers have well and truly delivered with a gorgeous collection of songs fitting right into their self described “raw and folky” vibe.

Possibly their ‘signature’ sound would be the gentle, twinkly guitar and vocals you can hear in singles Chasing Rubies and World Without You. Delicate yet effective these extremely pretty tracks are joined by Off The Hook and the appropriately named Butterflies to deliver further on the Hudson Taylor style. Though strongest when delivering the prettier stuff, Hudson Taylor show their gumption too with the comparatively shouty and loud Don’t Tell Me showing they can show attitude too when they want to. Wildfires too has a more bouncy, fun edge to it whilst the album version of Battles has had more musical layers added in, making it seem far more frantic and fast – an ideal song to get yourself riled or psyched up for something.

Singing For Strangers is a perfect example of folk meets pop, bringing fun and mainstream interest into a previously marginal genre. Hudson Taylor are just one of several artists helping folk gain some well deserved time in the spotlight and, with any luck, this album is just the first of many more to come.

Singing For Strangers is released in the UK on Monday 30th March.

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