James Bay – Let It Go

James Bay – Let It Go

The name of James Bay’s latest beautiful and relaxing song can be quite deceiving due to the famous Frozen tune with the same name. Unsurprisingly however they are extremely different with Bay’s most recent single bringing a far deeper and more soothing notion to the meaning of ‘Let It Go’.

This song came to my attention late last year when I was doing some usual music browsing on Youtube, and is a song I would classify as one that will be a favourite for a long time. With other stunning songs under his belt such as Hold Back The River that is currently boasting almost 7.5 million listens on Spotify, James Bay enters the music industry with some valuable talent. Falling under the genre of Indie Pop and Soul, he is definitely someone to keep a lookout for.

Let it Go is a beautiful, soulful song that often lifts any tension you could be feeling. With a smooth but powerful voice, James Bay manages to mellow the mood with a song that although beautiful, tells a sad story of laying a relationship to rest. As a song that James Bay himself has described as “super personal and quite hard to write…”, you can’t help but feel a sense of what someone in his position may be feeling. Let it Go is stunning, timeless and a beautiful piece of music, I would highly recommend giving it a listen when you have the time, but be prepared to hit replay pretty soon after.


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