Journey – Playstation Plus Free Monthly Games

Journey – Playstation Plus Free Monthly Games

Back in 2012, Journey didn’t earn the ‘Game of the Year’ title from IGN just by chance, and the PS4 telling of this beautiful game only strengthens that. The PS4 version of Journey is in 1080p and the frame rate boasts a well received 60fps.


Journey obviously was created with aesthetics in mind.

Created by ThatGameCompany in 2012, Journey begins with you sitting cross legged in the middle of the desert amid little context. The minimalist nature of the game means that there is no HUD, no health bar, no map or anything cluttering up your screen; yet it still somehow retains that exciting feeling of a third person adventure game. In the first five minutes, you’ll be taught all of the controls you need to know for the game’s two hour duration, then the rest is up to you.

The main mechanic of the game is a scarf that allows you to take flight. Throughout the game you’ll earn pieces of scarf – the longer your scarf, the further and higher you can fly, simply really. The goal is to make it to a huge mountain in the distance, always visible throughout the game, so it’s easy to stay on track. There’ll be puzzles and such to solve along the way to keep things interesting.

However, aside from the stunning art and creative gameplay, Journey’s piece de resistance is its multiplayer features.  During your journey you’ll stumble across other anonymous travellers who are on their own awe inspiring trip through the game. A sliver of light on the edge of your screen lets you know there’s someone nearby. As you walk the game together, you’ll notice that when you stand next to each other, your scarves will recharge. The added company often comes in handy.


A new angle on another chapter.

The concept of an anonymous multiplayer game is nothing new, but in Journey the only way to
communicate is through the games mechanics themselves, sending out a musical blip, or trying to guide your companion in the same direction as you. There are no microphones, no speech, no text; no conventional means of communication. Yet this isolation makes the game so much more intimate.

In short, Journey is a work of art. It’s blend of storytelling, innovative gameplay and intimate multiplayer makes this one of Playstation’s ultimate classics. Whether you’re revisiting after playing the PS3 version, or if this is your first time, you’re sure to play Journey over and over again.

Journey is free all this month for Playstation Plus subscribers.
Journey (PS4)
summary : Journey is a beautiful, fun, emotional game from start to finish. It's one of the best I've played. It's free on Playstation for September so get it while you can.
rating : 10
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