Knife Party – Begin Again

Knife Party – Begin Again

With a debut album finally in sight Knife Party are a fairly easy act to describe – dirty, heavy dubstep that you feel guilty for liking but just can’t resist, right? Well, perhaps not, with latest track Begin Again being almost unrecognisable and, believe it or not, radio friendly.

Begin Again is essentially a hark back to their days in Pendulum, taking on a slightly more drum and bass with uplift and an altogether lighter look at the normally fairly dark producers. As far as instrumentals go, the recognisable lively beat flows throughout with altogether more airy tones atop, with complete fluency and an ethereal feel.

The fact that they’ve created a gorgeous lyrical hook that will get everyone singing along, rather than a niche group of fans, is what really sells its broader appeal. “Hold up your hands and begin again” could have come straight from a Calvin Harris song – vocally this is their most accessible song to date with an empowering and welcoming tone.

Dance music is notorious for constantly changing and experimenting with little to no boundaries. Begin Again is yet another successful track from a giant with all signs pointing to one of the genre’s most successful albums to date.


– Megan

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