KUBE becomes Keele’s society of the month (for December 2016 that is)

In a year that has seen upheavals, deaths and the first Brit to go into space with the ESA, Team KUBE has something to celebrate.

Yes, that is because KUBE Radio has been designated Keele’s Society of the Month, even if it is January 2017, (and the award was for December 2016.)

Firstly, a massive thank you to the station committee, not just for keeping the station on the air, but organising and executing the KUBE 24 broadcast, which I can say was a success, raising £1,107 for Dementia UK just before Christmas.

Finally, a massive thank you to our supporters who made such a event possible, from the prizes to the free food that kept all of us going through the night.  So thank you.

Finally, a massive massive thank you to the presenters who brought fresh ideas to the station, and entertained the student population of Keele with a good mix of banter and music.

Heres to more of this in 2017 and in the years to come.


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