Album Week| Laura Marling – Short Movie

Album Week| Laura Marling – Short Movie

Laura Marling is known for her uncanny ability to play with emotion and toy with her listeners. A folk artist who both curses and uses delicate guitar in the same songs, Marling’s work is often poignant, rarely boring and always a pleasure. Her newest album ‘Short Movie’ follows through with all promises and proves itself to be a wonderful way to spend 50 minutes.

‘Short Movie’ is a blend of soft tunes with a fine delicacy and much more carefree compositions that evoke messiness and huge amounts of personality. Opening with the spiritual Warrior, Marling brings in the tranquil guitar that makes the album peaceful and content, a notion revisited later in I Feel Your Love and the album’s final song Worship Me. These are the songs that show the light and airy side to Marling with Howl at the Moon later visiting a slightly darker, more eerie tone and Gurdjieff’s Daughter bringing a more bouncy rhythm that makes you want to dance aimlessly. Despite this range of mood across the album, each song is brought together with Marling’s soft instrumentals that almost sound accidental, making ‘Short Movie’ one of the most organic-sounding collections of songs you are likely to hear.

Vocally Marling swings between gentle vocals, a bolder tone and points where she falls more on the talking rather than singing. This quality in Strange gives the song a bouncy feel and makes her writing seem even more like story-telling. At other times, Marling brings an Americana influence to song such as False Hope, mixing her otherwise folk sound with a more forceful country vibe.

By far the most satisfying tracks on the album are Don’t Let Me Bring You Down and Short Movie – beautifully composed pieces that aren’t afraid to throw in ‘fucking’ a their main lyrical hooks. Every lyric counts with Marling and these are no exception; “Did you think I was fucking around?” and “It’s a short fucking movie yeah” sum up the exasperated tone to the music and when combined with the flawless composition helps maintain the perfect tone and atmosphere.

‘Short Movie’ is an impressive album that perfectly highlights Marling’s powers over feeling and mood. Potentially the strongest album that will be reviewed this week, regardless of your musical preferences this is a record everyone should experience.


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