Lazy Eye – I’m a Stone

Lazy Eye – I’m a Stone

Here at KUBE it was only a matter of time before we begun to showcase local artists and bands. This ever expanding music scene is what allows venues such as the Sugarmill to be known as being some of the best in the area. These artists work hard to create music that they love and it is only right that we help these artists the best we can.

Lazy Eye is breaking onto the local scene taking it by storm; growing in popularity with every single released. He has had much success and air play on many local radio stations including KUBE Radio. His unique blend of folk and soft rock is rather intriguing to the ears, very similar to that of Twisted Wheel and maybe even some Mumford and Sons songs. For someone who has only started releasing their stuff this year, everything produced is of high quality and very well written.

I’m a Stone definitely has a Western feel to it, instantly drawing you in with the upbeat, foot tapping beat that is noticeable throughout. You can see where the folk influences have managed to get themselves into the track, adding so much depth. The more I listen to this track the more I keep noticing, from little guitar riffs under the vocals and drum fills. This is definitely impressive stuff. Vocally this is very inviting similar to that of Volbeat through the verses, while the chorus is very catchy.

Definitely keep an eye out for this guy, his music is filling a gap that has been neglected by the music scene in Stoke for a while and it is really exciting to see music like this being produced. Personally I am enjoying everything I’ve listened to by Lazy Eye, each track seems to be outdoing the previous but each stands tall on its own right. If you fancy checking him out live, head down to Stoke Beer Festival at Fenton Manor on the 18th.


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