Lower than Atlantis – Lower than Atlantis (album)

Lower than Atlantis – Lower than Atlantis (album)

As some people may be aware, I did complete a review of the first track off this a while back, so to have the opportunity to review the new self titled album, it was easy to say I’m excited. So on top of this, Lower Than Atlantis is also set to headline the Halloween Ball here at Keele, which makes me even more excited.

This album shows a shift from their original hardcore punk sound towards a more melodic sound, but still as upbeat and catchy as ever. There is such diversity throughout and this really shows how the band have developed over the years and multiple line up alterations. While all the tracks are not as driven as Here we Go, they are extremely well written and produced and full of meaningful lyrics. For me there are two stand out tracks on this album, Emily and Ain’t no Friend. These two tracks are very different but contain some of their best work that I’ve listened to.

Emily is very upbeat with an extremely catchy bass line. The start is intense but the verse drops the depth to frame the vocals perfectly. While the lyrics may seem simple and straight forward they work really well over the slightly distorted guitar riffs. I was singing along after a few listens. While Ain’t no Friend shows more of an experimental route that the band have taken, incorporating a more techno start until it goes back to what you could say was their previous style. There’s a lot of little elements that help to make this track unique, creating such depth and grabbing your attention. Although some areas may seem like they are lacking behind the vocal line but there is so much there that you keep noticing after a few listens. Lyrically there is so much that anyone can relate to; it is extremely well written.

There is so much for this album to offer to anyone, whether your an original fan or just discovering this band. I for one am really looking forward to this years Halloween Ball. It is going to be one good night, filled with lots of upbeat music that will definitely get people dancing.

– Tori

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