Lucy Rose – Cover Up

Lucy Rose – Cover Up

Lucy Rose is a British singer and songwriter, who I first heard in my final year of high school. She has written a few songs that I have really enjoyed, but mostly her biggest single being ‘Middle of the Bed’. She is a different artist, not falling under the mainstream flow of mid 20 year old singers, and the ever so popular pop songs that follow them. For someone that has managed to write such beautiful songs, it puzzles me that she isn’t more popular.

Her songs range from beautiful to quirky, and catchy. Cover Up would fall under one of her catchy songs, as it has a good rhythm to go along with it, as well as a bit of an oriental feeling, and a stunning voice to accompany the percussion she uses. You can’t help but want to tap along to the beat of the song. It creates excitement as to what will be on her upcoming album that is due to be released in 2015.

Lucy Rose, I feel is soon going to make a bigger name for herself in the music industry, and I cannot wait for this to happen.


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