Males Lacrosse Varsity Coverage

Coverage begins at 5:00PM.

And we’re off! Forewarning: I don’t actually know anything about Lacrosse!

4th minute: Staffs Score, making it 1-0

6th minute: Keele scores! Thus equalising the game at 1-1

They are passing the ball around. Truly incredible stuff. The back and forth… man!

9th minute: ANOTHER NET BY KEELE! Keele lead at 2-1

11th minute: Keele aim for another net and narrowly miss

12th minute: And Keele have done it again! 3-1

13th minute: A time out has been called. The audience are estactic

16th minute: Keele has netted again! 4-1, bit embarrassing now

18th minute: A tiny man from Keele nets another ball! 5-1

I’ve just realised that nobody is wearing shinpads. That ball looks and sounds hard; makes you wonder why nobody is wearing shinpads

21st minute: AUGER NETS! 6-1 to Keele 

30th minute: We’ve start after a short half time break. Good luck, both teams who I am contractually obligated to treat equally.

32nd minute: Keele keep the gold coming! 7-1

36th minute: More back and forth play from the players. Hopefully something will happen soon

39th minute: Will Staffs ever score again? Probably not. It’s now 8-1 to Keele

40th minute: Hahahaha, another net to Keele 9-1

45th minute: That makes it 10 goals to Keele. I’m running out of jokes I’m allowed to make about Staffs 10-1

A tiny Staffs player just affronted a tall Keele player. It was hilarious

Sorry, I was wrong earlier, THIS IS HALF TIME

11-1 to Keele. They scored at some point, apparently

62nd minute: Staffs score. Finally. 11-2 

63rd minute: KEELE SEEK REVENGE! 12-2

64th: Keele score yet again! 13-2

67th minute: 14-2 Keele #Pray4Ryan’sHands

I now have moved to a warmer location. I can feel my feet and -CENSORED- again

74th minute: 15-2, Keele have scored yet again!

79th minute: Staffs, surprisingly, have scored again. 15-3

We’re heading into the final quarter now. Good luck to both teams

84th minute: Staffs are slowly pulling it back, 15-4

90th minute: Keele has scored again, I think 16-4

98th minute: Quick update: Nothing has happened of any interest.

And that’s the match! An excellent match, and a well deserved victory from Keele. Well done, lads!

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