Marilyn Manson – Third Day of a Seven Day Binge

Marilyn Manson –  Third Day of a Seven Day Binge

So it’s been a while since the rock scene has heard anything off Marilyn Manson, and then within the space of a week the band gets announced for Download Festival headlining the second stage and I get to hear this new track. However Manson himself never disappeared completely as he’s appeared in shows such as Sons of Anarchy and also voiced Shadow in Once Upon A Time.

I wasn’t expecting much from this track in all honesty, I’ve never really been keen on some of the bands work, but it has  taken me by surprise. While it doesn’t have the same feel as some of their previous work, by feeling rather mellow and slow. However you can tell straight away who it is just by the vocals Manson has, which is something I’ve never really liked in many tracks, however due to the mellowness within the track it works. The bass is something that particularly grabs my attention, it is something that can easily get you bopping your head. For me personally though, the lyrics could have done with some work, I don’t really like the topic focused on however vocally Manson does seem to add some emotion into the track which is something I am not really used to.

Overall I’m impressed, the band have developed and progressed gaining a sense of maturity compared to some previous tracks, although I don’t condone the topic of the lyrics, the track in itself is well produced and written. For many who have been fans of Marilyn Manson for some time this track is going to be a great addition to the new album which is released in January. I for one am definitely keen to see how their performance at Download next year will pan out after many criticised their last appearance at the festival.

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