Nickelback – No Fixed Address (Album)

Nickelback – No Fixed Address (Album)

All I can say is I’m so excited for this album. As seen from some of my previous reviews of Nickelback, I am a big fan so you may not agree with me. No Fixed Address was promoted heavily on Nickelback’s Facebook  but didn’t really seem to have any coverage on other platforms as other albums have. The singles released haven’t had the radio presence as other tracks such as Rock Star and Gotta be Somebody, while arguably What Are You Waiting For? is more designed for radio than their other tracks so I’m surprised that I haven’t heard it on the radio much.

Personally there are only a couple of standout tracks within the album. She Keeps Me Up, has such a country rock feel to it, really reminding me of The BossHoss. The lyrics are basic but similar to the other songs that Nickelback have produced in the past. The chorus really does catch my attention and after a few listens it really does get stuck in your head. Satellite is a very soft track, and very emotional lyrically. This is definately something which many can relate to, missing out on time with someone just because life gets in the way. Vocally, it has been a long time since I’ve heard Chad sing with the emotion he does within Satellite. Another track that surprised me was the collaboration with Flo Rida on Got Me Runnin’ Round. I really wasn’t expecting it to be any good, but the bluesy feel it has really makes it something that stands out.

I know I’m a bit one sided when it comes to Nickelback but this album does have its floors. Compared to their other albums they haven’t got the same rocky edge that I am used to. They are experimenting more and I’m sure the more I listen to it the more I’m going to love this album as much as the others. Not all the tracks have the same level of quality, mainly within the lyrics, they seem rushed and not really to a high standard.

Overall I’m slightly disappointed that the rockier edge has seemingly disappeared for a more experimental sound in some tracks, but this certainly won’t stop me being a huge fan of them. A majority of tracks still have some of the elements that fans love with Nickelback, such as the  lyrics and simple vocals. You can certainly bet that as soon as that tour in the UK is announced, I will be making sure I have the funds to go because they are amazing live.

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