NSS 2018

NSS 2018

The National Student Survey (NSS) 2018 will be live at Keele on Monday 5th February. The survey is open to mostly final year undergraduates, who can complete it now at www.thestudentsurvey.com.

What is the NSS?

The NSS is a nationally recognised annual survey of mostly final year undergraduates in the UK. The survey provides students with an opportunity to give their honest opinions on what they liked about their time on their course at Keele as well as things that they feel could have been improved.

The survey is administered by Ipsos MORI, an independent market research agency, so answers remain anonymous at all times.

Why should I take part?

  • The NSS provides you with the opportunity to provide honest feedback on your student experience;
  • Your feedback will be used to improve the student experience at Keele;
  • The results are taken very seriously and inform the quality assurance system with regards to teaching quality;
  • Results are used by prospective students, their families and advisors to make decisions on what and where to study.

Be heard at Keele!

What happens to the results?

The NSS results are made publicly available to help prospective students, their families and advisors make informed decisions about where and what to study. Institutions and supporting students’ unions also use the data to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses to bring about change and enhancements to improve the learning experience for future generations of students.

A lot of data from previous surveys is available on Unistats at https://unistats.direct.gov.uk/Institutions/Details/10007767/ReturnTo/Institutions

Keele has been participating in the NSS since it began in 2005, and as a result of listening to what former students had to say, many changes have been made:

The University and Students’ Union take the results very seriously.  Every year the NSS outcomes are taken into account, alongside other forms of student feedback, with the purpose of improving the student experience for future generations of students.  Recent improvements arising from student feedback include:

  • The continued 24 hour opening of the Campus Library throughout both semesters. Opening hours have extended into vacations around exam periods. A new Library system has been implemented which gives far better access to Keele’s subscribed academic resources. Library loans are now automatically renewed unless these are requested by another borrower and short loans have been lengthened from 1 day to 3 days and removed library fines.
  • The careers and employability service has been improved, online booking for appointments and drop-in sessions has been introduced, as well as improving access to graduate employers on campus by offering “coffee with employer” sessions.
  • The University, with £0.3 million of support from Santander Bank, has provided over 250 paid internships in local businesses since 2013, enabling students to gain valuable experience in a range of graduate roles while studying or shortly after graduation. This is the largest internship programme Santander support at its 80+ partner universities in the U.K. From 2016, in addition to this internship scheme, the University has secured over £2.5 million for a new business-engagement programme enabling students and graduates to undertake collaborative projects with local businesses either as part of their course or alongside it. To date this new programme has provided over 130 paid placements for students and graduates in local businesses. These internship and placement schemes are on top of well-established placement programmes in our degree programmes, which see over 2000 students per year engage in some form of placement activity.
  • The new teaching rooms in the Walter Moberley Building provide additional learning spaces.
  • The University have introduced lecture capture, and are promoting greater uptake of this feature across the university.
  • Assessment and feedback practices have been developed further and a new generic marking criteria has been implemented. Some Schools have introduced such initiatives as screencasting and audio feedback in response to comments in the NSS.
  • Your School will recently have provided finalists with specific feedback (You said; we did) on their programmes, which will show how they will be addressing scores and comments from the 2017 NSS.

How do I complete it?

During the week beginning Monday 5th February, eligible students will be sent an invitation email to complete the survey by Ipsos MORI. Non-respondents may be contacted by telephone. You can complete the NSS online or via a mobile device at www.thestudentsurvey.com at any time up to 30 April 2018. As soon as you have completed the survey, you will not be contacted further by Ipsos MORI. You may opt out of the survey at any point during the fieldwork.

Who can complete it?

Any Final Year undergraduate student can complete the survey eg. 4th year Pharmacy students.

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