Panama Wedding – All of the People

Panama Wedding – All of the People

‘All of the People’ is an upbeat electric chasm of joy and love from this new New York city band. The song feels like the sickly sweet love-child between Fun. and Owl City. It’s an instantly catchy track that swirls round your head, makes you smile and refuses to let go. I found myself tapping my toes and singing along to the chorus after a single listen. Now, having had it on repeat the simple yet effective lyrics are stuck firmly in place.

Panama Wedding take almost a minute to fully unleash their track. Building up the tempo just enough to get people moving when the song truly lands. Then it’s a torrent of electric movement as Panama Wedding dip in and out of the chorus, which mainly consists of the song’s title sung on repeat, and filling your ears with their collection of synch sounds and futuristic beats.

Sure they may be nothing we haven’t seen before but, judging by this track, they have the right ingredients to create some new addictive radio-friendly pop tracks. ‘All of the People’ is fun, it’s catchy and it’s unashamedly happy. It’s certainly a change from the humdrumness of normality and a slice of pure joy you need in your life.




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