Paolo Nutini – One Day

Paolo Nutini – One Day

Having absolutely loved Paolo Nutini’s song New Shoes, I was definitely a huge fan of his song, One Day.

Paolo Nutini has been described by the BBC as “arguably Scotland’s biggest musician right now”, and with this his reputation is gathering more positive feedback as he carries on his singing and songwriting. One Day has, for me, got to be the best song he has performed so far. It has the power to transport you back in time to a point where you feel like you have heard the blues track before, and it’s an oldie that you have been craving for a while.

With the sounds of his rough but seductive voice, he manages to sweep your mind away, and send shivers down your spine if you appreciate his touch of rock with blues. One Day, has for me, got to be the biggest piece of creative genius Paolo Nutini has come up with, and makes me kick myself for not having already bought his new album, Caustic Love which was released in April of this year. Afterall, it did make it to number one on the UK Album Charts, and go Platinum in June this year.

Do yourself a favour. Listen to this song.


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