Rae Morris @ Gorilla, Manchester

Rae Morris @ Gorilla, Manchester

On Friday night I was lucky enough to interview the insanely talented “BBC Sound of 2015” nominee, Rae Morris. Not only is she one of most welcoming people I’ve had the pleasure to meet, it turns out she’s pretty interesting too!

I think it’s safe to say that the last couple of years have been an eventful time for the young singer (she’s only 21!) From touring with George Ezra to releasing tracks with awesome bands such as Clean Bandit and Bombay Bicycle Club, Rae’s career seems to be snowballing. That’s definitely something that is undeniably positive for the future of the British Music scene.

Last week marked the long anticipated release of Rae’s debut album “Unguarded”. The album features some brilliant tracks, including the title song “Unguarded” and Rae’s personal favourite, “For You”. There’s also her collaboration with fellow edgy musician and personal friend Fryars, which has had a stellar reception! Whilst it has its flaws, you can’t deny that as far as debut albums go, Rae has done an incredibly job with “Unguarded”. A feat made more impressive by her relatively newbie status as a professional musician.

Now, there currently seems to be a massively negative stigma attached to a musician who listens to their own music, often being condemned as egocentric. I asked Rae what she thought and she admitted that yes, she does listen to her own tracks, but only as a means of finding new ways to build on what she’s already accomplished. In her words, why would you listen to your own music “when there’s so much other great stuff out there?” A point I find it hard to disagree with.

After the interview I was able to experience what, for myself at least, was one of the most surreal performances I’ve seen in a long time. Gorilla, a small venue in Manchester built under a railway bridge, boasts an impressive line up, and proved to be the perfect venue for the intimate gig that followed. Once the set began the aroma of discounted tequila cocktails, low purple lighting and Rae’s hauntingly soulful vocals made for a heady atmosphere. Pretty swiftly it became evident that this was one of those rare voices that you only hear every once in a while, think Lorde meets London Grammar’s Hannah Reid.

Admittedly, I do have a small confession: I hadn’t heard several of her songs before the performance, but I can honestly say that it didn’t detract from the experience what so ever. If you get the chance, I would definitely recommend going to see Rae, sooner rather than later, because it’s now a question of when, not if, she’s going to become incredibly popular. Oh and make sure you grab yourself a copy of her album too!

If you’d like to hear the full interview with Rae, tune into “Huge Mifftake” on KUBE Radio, Friday’s 11-1.

Leif Radford

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