Rumer – Into Colour

Rumer – Into Colour

My previous knowledge of Rumer, was very limited. I had heard people speak about her before, but never really heard any of her music myself. With her history of playing at various venues, one being Glastonbury Festival, and other numerous appearances supporting Jools Holland, I became interested to hear what she had to offer.

Her second original Album has just recently been released, with all of her new songs on. The new album, Into Colour, has a slow, romantic and soft feeling to it. The music on it has the characteristics of music that would be played on a Bridget Jones movie, and gives off the feeling that they could perhaps be played in a British Christmas film about love. My favourite song on the album happens to be the single that Rumer released earlier in the year, Dangerous.

Dangerous itself is a beautiful, relaxing song that flows smoothly as the backing along with Rumer’s voice, have thoughtfully been merged together. My favourite part is that although it quickly turns into a disco ‘vibe’ track, it still doesn’t lose it’s power of being relaxing. It just adds that extra effect of being ‘jivey’ as well. The timing is right, the tune is right, everything about this song is right.

The rest of the album is equally smooth, with other songs such as Reach Out, and You Just don’t Know People being in my top favourites. I also have to admit that listening to Rumer’s new album reminded me greatly of Bette Midler, as her voice has a smooth flow to it like I described as before.

The whole album for me deserved a 3.5/5

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