Sigma ‘Find Me’

Sigma ‘Find Me’

Sigma are excellent producers. Drum and Bass is an excellent genre. So why does ‘Find Me’ not quite seem to work? I think the problem lies in the fact that the song never seems to decide if it’s tone is positive or negative. The verses lead you to believe the chorus will feature a heavy bass and subdued vocals and while Sigma deliver an excellent baseline (as they always do), Birdy’s vocals never quite take the backseat they ought to. In fact, the entire track feels like a poor attempt at a more bright version of Chase and Status’ ‘Lost And Not Found’, even featuring a similar breakdown with focus being left on strings and vocals.

Sigma seem to have lost sight of what drives most DnB tracks; simplicity. While featuring big name artists such as Birdy is a great marketing move, Sigma are much better when they are producing non-commercial DnB, one needs only listen to the superb ‘Rudeboy’ or the hypnotic ‘All Because Of You’ to see examples of how talented Sigma truly are. That’s not to say commercial DnB is a bad thing, tracks such as Wilkinson’s ‘Afterglow’ and Sub Focus’ ‘Out Of The Blue’ are still regularly pumped out at raves, the difference with Sigma’s approach is by featuring big names, they are forced to centre the track around the vocals. It’s not even that Birdy’s voice is not suited to DnB tracks. Her single ‘Wings’ was breathtakingly remixed by Nu:Tone and ‘Wild Horses’ was given an overhaul by Matrix & Futurebound. The problem is by working with big names, Sigma are restricting their creativity and producing tracks that just fall flat. It’ll be interesting to see which DnB artist steps up to remix ‘Find Me’, I’m sure it’ll be an absolute gem as this track has all the right elements to be huge.


Author: George Waren

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