Skindred ‘Volume’

Skindred ‘Volume’

So as some returning readers may know, I have a soft spot for Skindred since seeing them at Download in 2014 and again when they supported Steel Panther. Yet again they are back with a new album which is due to be released at the end of this month (30th October), and it is just as impressive as their previous work. Bringing their fusion of reggae and heavy rock, they are definitely a band to keep an eye on. However I’m still left unsure about whether I want to dance or headbang to them and this album has just made that decision so much harder.

Line up:

    • Benji Webbe – Vocals
    • Michael Fry – Guitar, backing vocals
    • Dan Pugsley – Bass, programming, backing vocals
    • Arya Goggin – Drums
    • Dan Sturgess – DJ, programming



  1. Under Attack
  2. VolumeSkindred-Volume-Final1-220x220
  3. Hit The Ground
  4. Shut Ya Mouth
  5. I
  6. The Healing
  7. Sound The Siren
  8. Saying It Now
  9. II
  10. Straight Jacket
  11. III
  12. No Justice
  13. Stand Up
  14. Three Words


Opening with ‘Under Attack’, this album comes across heavier than their previous work but still brings in so many elements that their fans fall in love with. Benji has such a recognisable voice that is undeniably suited to the fusion this band bring to the genre. It is safe to say I’ve not heard anyone like him. The album as a whole is very well written and produced. All the tracks have such depth and the execution is superb. I don’t want to give too much away as it is something that truly needs to be heard to be appreciated to its fullest. The small intervals between a few of the tracks did bring a smile to my face and help make the album.

For me there is a few stand out tracks, these are ‘The Healing’ and ‘Hit The Ground’. They bring so many elements that make Skindred so popular as well as combining and bringing in other small elements that aren’t initially recognisable on a first listen. ‘The Healing’ shows how depth of instruments can be used to a band’s advantage when done well. While ‘Hit the Ground’ really caught my attention.

Overall, I love this album, and it really highlights the strengths that a fusion of genres can have. It is definitley something I will be purchasing when it is released and the tracks that have been released so far give you a good feel for how the album is going to sound. If you’ve never checked out Skindred before but like your heavier rock music you should. They make a good addition to any playlist and never fail to cheer your day up.

Highlights: The Healing, Hit The Ground


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Author: Tori Morris

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