Slipknot – Prepare for Hell Tour @ Barclaycard Areana

Slipknot – Prepare for Hell Tour @ Barclaycard Areana

It’s been a long time since Slipknot have toured the UK, they may have had an odd festival appearance but this tour has been something fans have been waiting for. It’s no wonder it sold out very quickly though I managed to get myself a standing ticket for the last night of the tour. Slipknot have been known to put on a show, but after experiencing this myself all I have to say is wow! Seen as though there are 2 new members, they more than fill the holes left by Joey Jordison and the late Paul Gray. I must say this is one of the most intense experiences I have been through. I was nervous about going to this gig after hearing stories from previous Slipknot performances but I must say, it was incredible.

The support acts Korn and King 810 definitely got the crowd warmed up and the atmosphere was so welcoming considering peoples preconceptions of Slipknot gigs. While I came knowing of Korn and some of their tracks I definitely left being a fan. They gave it everything, and personally I have never heard a crowd cheer for someone playing bagpipes before. Both support bands were well matched and judged the crowd perfectly.

While a curtain was dropped as the stage was set up, you could tell you were going to witness something you will not forget. The crowd became more excited and the anticipation for the nine piece band was building rapidly. Opening with Sarcastrophe the set was full of energy, while the stage setup was such a spectacle. The mix of old and new songs was perfect to have tracks such as The Devil in I and Wait and Bleed played the time flew by and before you knew it Corey got everyone down on the ground before jumping up on command during Spit it Out. Now that is something I have never experienced before. To see 9000 people to crouch on the ground before launching themselves up, it is truly something I won’t forget.

It was truly a fantastic night, both of the support bands and Slipknot gave everything, and many thousands of fans left the venue exhausted and thrilled by what they saw and took part in (me included). Many are now counting down to see Slipknot headline Download Festival, apart from that who knows when they will return for another UK tour, but they are bound to return with the same intensity that they’ve always had.


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