St. Vincent – Rattlesnake

St. Vincent – Rattlesnake

‘Follow the power-lines back from the road/no one around so I take off my clothes/Am I only one?/In the only world?’ This is how St. Vincent begins this rather surreal and macabre single. Her squeaky voice, both soft and oddly robotic, lends a interesting atmosphere to a track which otherwise is a smorgasbord of instruments, synthetic sounds and power cords.

At points the score coalesces into a mess of parts, veering close to becoming an untenable din. Fortunately it doesn’t quite reach this stage but the song isn’t as polished as some of St. Vincent’s better songs. Still ‘Rattlesnake’ is hypnotic, a strange track which listened to in pieces sounds like unconnected segments of electronic music but together ebbs and flows and goes in all sorts of directions. With one listen everything felt overbearing but each one after the song started to make more sense. It’s not a track you’d want to subject your ear drums to everyday but there’s just something good here, something I can’t quite put my finger on.

I realise this review darts from calling it a mess to calling it an intriguing listen but it really is. St. Vincent here creates a very bizzare track. The lyrics feel like a random collection of phrases. The melody chops and changes throughout. And, at points, there’s just so much going on. St. Vincent has produced better but ‘Rattlesnake’ is a hypnotic melody and worth a listen.


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