Steel Panther, Skindred & Lounge Kittens @ O2 Academy Manchester

Steel Panther, Skindred & Lounge Kittens @ O2 Academy Manchester

Manchester’s O2 Academy will always be one of my favourite venues, maybe that’s because of the sloped floor and me being what is classed as short. However whenever I attend a gig at this venue the whole place feels alive with excitement and enthusiasm which I feel some other venues are lacking. There is always something special that happens when I’m at this venue and I always come away feeling excited by those who I’ve seen. Last Friday was no exception.

First up was The Lounge Kittens, no this was something I was not expecting. I’d heard rumors about this band taking songs made popular by other rock and metal bands and putting a jazz edge to them. Well that rumor is true. This was not something I was expecting. However when they covered Weird Al, the crowd really enjoyed it and to be honest I did to. To cover the bands that were on after them was a brave move but everyone was singing along and dancing. For three girls with just a piano, they held the audience really well and got everyone in a great mood and wanting more.

Next up was Skindred, this was the band I was most excited about seeing. After watching them at Download, they have been constantly in my playlist. However I’m never actually sure  if I should dance or head bang to them. It’s sort of in the middle, I choose to dance. With tracks such as Kill The Power and Warning being played, the crowd definitely bounced and enjoyed the whole set. Finishing with the Newport Helicopter during Warning (if you don’t know what it is YouTube it) the whole set was enjoyed by all in the venue. For me they stood out above Steel Panther on the night.

Finally was the headline act Steel Panther  if you like 70’s glam rock bands then you will love these. Okay so everything is a bit of a micky take by them and some tracks may not be appropriate for the younger audience. However  this was a great set, with classics such as Death to all but Metal and Community Property, everyone around me was singing at the top of their voices along. Whenever you see Steel Panther you know it’s a great laugh and this was no exception.

Overall I had a brilliant night. A bit of a sore throat afterwards but a brilliant night none the less. While it may have been a strange combination of artists on one stage but it worked really well. Having a bit of variety is a great thing and more artists should have that.

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