The Carvetti’s – Killing Time

The Carvetti’s – Killing Time

The Carvetti’s, a Macclesfield band with a fondness for punctuation, were sent to me with comparisons to The Stone Roses, Oasis and The Verve… pretty much the soundtrack to my early childhood (thanks Dad). Obviously their upcoming single Killing Time was one for me to check out.

If I’m honest the vocals may be a bit of an acquired taste. There’s definitely a fair bit of Liam Gallagher impersonation here which I can see really grating on some of you but for others it’ll just be another quality that makes them love it even more.

Something that we can all get on board with is the woozy tone that hits you as soon as you press play. The song has a laid back vibe that stems not just from 90s indie but more 60s/70s psychedelia; even if the song doesn’t vocally appeal to you the sleepy verse and anthemic chorus is sure to charm you.

It’s not a track that will please everyone but it should be pretty popular amongst the bands own scene. They do sound a bit like an Oasis tribute band but in all fairness they have got their own spin on things. One for 90s enthusiast and frequent nostalgists.

– Megan


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