The Cribs Interview

The Cribs Interview

The Cribs have been at the heart of the British indie-rock scene for the last 15 years. We caught up with them ahead of their show at KeeleSU on Thursday 18th January.

How does it feel to play a student union? Is there a different feel to playing uni’s rather than an another type of venue or festival?

I don’t know really, we try and treat every show the same, whether that’s big outdoor/arena shows or more intimate gigs, your last gig is the most important.

Do you have any memories of playing stoke in the past, if so what do you think of Stoke?

Yes plenty of memories, we used to play the sugar mill when we first started out and I remember selling it out on the first album tour, that seemed like a big deal then. Also, worldwide touring for the ‘Men’s Needs’ album started at Keele uni which was why we requested this venue was added to this tour. It’s important to us to not just play the biggest cities as we often enjoy playing cities that a lot of bands miss out on the best.’

How has the tour gone up too now? I’ve seen that a few dates have sold out. Does it fill you with more confidence turning up to a venue knowing its sold out?
It’s been going great, lots of fun thus far. Yeah I love being a sell out, of course ;)

What was the thinking behind the string of residencies shows you did before Christmas? Did the shows vary from night to night when playing the same venue 3 nights on the trot?

We played completely different sets every night, about 75 songs in each city overall. That was the thinking behind it really, giving us a chance to go deep for the hardcore fans. Plus we’ve spent most of the year doing bigger shows so it’s nice to mix it up and get intimate every now and again.

How does the new album compare too your debut album. Does it feel like you have taken a different musical path in terms of how you pen lyrics and music

Definitely lyrically I would say as all the songs are pretty much autobiographical and we live much different lives today than we did on our first record. I think this album actually has a few things in common with the debut actually as it was recorded live to tape in about a week, same as the first record (but with Steve Albini this time) whereas the last few have taken more time. I would say this is our heaviest and most raw album to date though, for sure.

Who is your favourite band out there at the moment?

There’s quite a lot of good new bands at the minute, Paws from Glasgow who are opening for us on this tour and just toured the US with us are great, as are PINS from Manchester and Dream Wife, who both played with us on our December tour. I’d recommend checking all those out, they’re all different but we love them.

You can still get tickets to see The Cribs at KeeleSU here:

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