The Ed Sheeran Comeback: ‘Shape Of You’ & ‘Castle On The Hill’ review

The Ed Sheeran Comeback: ‘Shape Of You’ & ‘Castle On The Hill’ review

Our favourite ginge is back! Ed Sheeran went off the grid in 2015, dropping all social media to go and see the world through his eyes rather than his phone. Who can blame him? He’s come a long way since he was sofa surfing and busking on the streets and now he’s actually wearing suits(sometimes).

Ed released 2 tracks; ‘Shape Of You’ and ‘Castle On The Hill’.ed

So let’s talk about the first one. It is catchy as hell! At first you’re not entirely sure it’s an Ed track but the beat kicks in and before you know it you’re dancing. It seems as though Ed found some dance inspiration while he was travelling the world and I can’t say I don’t like it. While we have a dance beat going on, it’s not too intrusive and he somehow manages to stick to his roots. ‘Shape Of You’ is the perfect follow on from the preceding album ‘X’. Speaking of multiply, these are the first two tracks he’s released from the coming album (insert divide sign here). Ed Sheeran is making maths hot! There are apparently 15 albums planned but he’s not sure of the order. So get your calculator and find 15 mathematical signs and we can figure this one out!

‘Castle On The Hill’, feels like James Bay and Ed Sheeran just met up for a beer and a game of pool. 2011 Ed is popping up with a hint of indie and some really great beats. If you’re feeling particularly nostalgic about that guy or girl you dated but it ended unfortunately, this is the perfect song. ‘Castle On The Hill’ is a reminder that not everything ends badly and a reminder to hold on to your optimism. Don’t look back in anger and all that jazz. We’ve got the same rasp from ‘Give Me Love’ and that’s when it really feels like Ed Sheeran is speaking to your heart but also telling you it’s okay to shout about it.

Ed’s album Divide is due March 3rd.

‘Shape Of You’ 9/10
‘Castle On  The Hill’ 8/10


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Author: Manisha Chauhan

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