The Kooks and Walking On Cars @ Manchester Academy

The Kooks and Walking On Cars @ Manchester Academy

Walking on Cars has, for the past year, been a band that I have really liked. Having come across them on Spotify radio shuffle, it was pure luck that I decided to listen passed the first ten seconds of their song. Looking back I am grateful for doing so, as their music has been music I have really enjoyed lately.

For a while, the only song of theirs that I really knew, was Two Stones, and for me, it was a gentle rock song that was something that I would describe as soft enough to soothe you, but has enough edge to keep you moving along to it.

These last few months, I became more aware of their other music, in particular songs such as Hand in Hand, Tick Tock, Catch me if you Can and one of their newest, Always on My Mind. Their music definitely has great rhythm, and their music doesn’t all sounds the same, which I find is difficult to find with new bands lately.

Watching them open for the Kooks in Manchester, was really great for me. To see them perform for their audience really showed how they feel about their music. Having been to Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Jess Glynne, Bon Jovi and John Newman, this has hands down, been my favourite performance of all time. Although the crowd wasn’t as big as the other concerts I’ve been to, the band played with so much enthusiasm, and heart, that it made it hard to focus on anything else. The lead singer, Patrick was constantly jamming along with the other members in the group, that it gave a feeling that this was a group of friends, nonetheless a band. Their energy showed as they played, and was exciting to experience, as there was so much of it.

Having spoken to them before, also impacted on the show, as there is nothing better than being able to like a band’s music, and have their personalities make that experience even better for you. Being new to interviewing, the members were extremely friendly and very cheerful. With smiles all around, they truly made me feel at home.

I also loved the fact that although all they had to do for me was answer a few questions, they still went out of their way to have a small conversation before their soundcheck, and after it. During their soundcheck, their lead guitarist Dan even made a point of finding out a little bit about me. When talking to them, they sounded genuinely interested in what I was saying, and had such an impact on me that I felt like I had known them for quite a while. This experience proved that not all bands are self centered. Walking On Cars are quite the opposite.

If I had to recommend any of their songs to persuade people to like them, it would have to be Two Stones, or Catch Me If You Can, as both of these portray what this band is capable of. Keep an eye out for them, because I have an extremely good feeling about this group. Patrick, Sorcha, Paul, Dan and Evan, thank you for the wonderful interview. For a first one, I must say that it was truly a wonderful experience.

Secondly, I watched the Kooks, which to be honest, I wasn’t really all that excited about in the days leading up to Saturday. After having just watched Walking on Cars, I was on a music high, so that encouraged my feeling of great expectations for the next act.

As soon as they walked onto the stage, the crowd went crazy, and they moved into their first song straight away, and as someone who only has previous knowledge of three of their songs, I was hearing a lot of their music for the first time.

I was quite impressed with their music, and really enjoyed it for the most part. I did however, find the lead singer, Luke Pritchard, quite arrogant. In honesty this did put me off a bit but I decided to not let it ruin the rest of the performance for me.

Otherwise, their stage presence was hot, and had the crowd extremely energetic. Bands members were moving all along the stage at different points, and constantly changing different guitars. They involved the crowd quite a bit, which was also great. If there was one thing I could recommend to them though, it would be for the rest of the band to cheer up a bit, pop a smile every now and then, as it makes your audience feel good to watch you. Show the crowd that you are enjoying your own music, as it makes the atmosphere that much more enjoyable, and makes your fans feel like they are more involved.

Ratings for Walking on Cars, I would have to give a 10/10 as I couldn’t find a single fault in their performance.

Ratings for the Kooks, I would have to give a 7/10 as the mood of the band, could have been better, and probably would have made me enjoy their concert that much more.

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