The Landed

The Landed

For those of you who regularly attended The Coffee House Sessions this year you may be interested to learn that one of the groups we had the privilege of seeing will be releasing their new EP later this month.

The Landed impressed us with a mix of indie rock and folk and are an altogether lovely band to listen to. KUBE have previously reviewed one of their more upbeat songs, Taking You Out, last year when they went by a different name but flash-forward 12 months and it’s time to revisit this Essex based band.

What I love about The Landed is that they can seamlessly pass through a few genres; personally I’m loving how many artists are taking a more folksy look at modern music and it’s refreshing to see elements of the genre seep into upbeat indie and pop songs. The Landed do this brilliantly with well placed Mumford and Sons-esque guitar melodies alongside (what I hear as) nineties influences such as Oasis. However, it’s not particularly fair to grapple with comparisons as The Landed are clearly a very unique band with a clear sound of their own.

Amazing Suzie seems to come out of the blue with a funky intro that once again merges with the well known indie style. Despite this being unexpected it doesn’t seem out of place and is merely just another musical twisted on the EP. Records like this are great examples of genre hybridity done well and I’m extremely impressed with the standard.

The Landed are a band that keep you guessing and don’t fall into the trap of producing the same song over and over again; they’re clearly not afraid to experiment and hopefully this will pay off for them. I’m looking forward to hearing what else the guys will come up with in the future!


– Megan

The Landed EP will be available from in both physical and digital forms.

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