The Script – Man on a Wire

The Script – Man on a Wire

Okay so many people know I’m a bit partial to Danny O’Donoghue and The Script in general, as can be seen from my previous live review and review of their album No Sound Without Silence. Man on A Wire is the third single to be released from this album, ahead of their tour next month.

Lyrically the track is reminiscent of many of The Scripts previous songs, it focuses on a break up of a relationship, and when one party is still trying to control their emotions the other moves on. While it is wrote rather cryptically in areas the overall quality of lyrics is something you would expect from a band such as The Script, the analogy of moving on from a relationship to a tightrope walker is something I had never thought of before.

The track itself has a nice feel to it, with guitars building until the track develops a thicker sound with piano, drums and bass joining. There is just so much going on in small amounts that just add to the overall feel of the track. Adding depth and allowing Danny’s vocals to be framed perfectly. The emotion within the track is something I wasn’t expecting the more I listened.

I’m going to be honest, I kinda wished they released a better track off the album. Don’t get me wrong Man on a Wire is a good track, but in my opinion it is one of their weakest on the album. When trying to get people excited about their tour next month, the track gets better when you see it live. Other than that it is just another nice track about a break up in my opinion.

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