The Ting Tings – Super Critical (Album Review)

The Ting Tings – Super Critical (Album Review)

I’m sure I haven’t been alone in wondering where The Ting Tings have been. Being somewhat of a two hit wonder, the Manchester duo haven’t been that prominent since their unique invasion of the 2009 music charts, though with their recently released third album Super Critical I think it’s fair to say that Katie and Jules are back in the game.

The album opens with the title song Super Critical, a track with the bold rhythm we remember from all those years ago combined with slightly funkier chorus. It eases us into the bands new sound as they take this funkier style from track to track, showing a maturing in their sound and a brave, but effective experimentation with a new genre; with the tambourine in Daughter and the funky, disco bass-line in Wrong Club this is an album you can really dance to and I defy anyone to resist the shoulder shaking

The album has just one downtempo track in the form of Wabi Sabi. Rather than bowing to the pressure of creating an album full of varied tempo and volume The Ting Tings have instead chosen to go with what they’re best at and fill Super Critical with fun and exciting songs that get you involved. That said Wabi Sabi‘s inclusion is a welcome one as the bluesy track does give a nice change of pace that fits in well with its neighbours.

Not one track of the album being particularly week I must say I have enjoyed Super Critical much more than I anticipated, in fact it’s not completely dissimilar to La Roux’s comeback album which definitely hints at a late noughties revival. With a hometown gig for the band coming up later in the month which is set to be extremely popular, I think The Ting Tings’ comeback could be one of the musical events of the year. I’m super happy with this album and I’m sure you all will be to.



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