Tussk – Par T. Animal (EP)

Tussk – Par T. Animal (EP)

Tussk are a local 5 piece band who are going from strength to strength on the local music scene. After being featured on KUBE on The Music Show, the band are continuing to develop and increase their fan base. The two track EP – Par T. Animal is their latest release and for those who prefer their music heavier then this is definitely the band for you.

Jazz Hammer is the first track on this EP, an in my opinion it is the better of the two. While the vocals are a great variety of growls, singing and overdriven raspy screaming they are perfectly framed by the whole band. The guitarist has included some nice little riffs and bends behind the vocals which are technically perfectly performed. While the drums are kept simple these help the track build into something more. Adding depth and keeping the listener engaged in the track. Overall it is very well written and performed.

Double Drag Queen has a very similar feel to Jazz Hammer. However the band seem to be more experimental with their arrangement adding areas of quietness towards the start of the track, a more complex drum beat and a varied vocal add to this track brilliantly. The guitarist again shows their technical skills to be perfect allowing the track to develop and build into something that definitely gets your foot tapping.

I am really impressed with this release by Tussk and will be keeping an eye out for them in the future. If your impressed too, head down to The Underground in Hanley to watch Tussk support He is Legend on the 29th October. It is bound to be a good night.

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